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ASV Compact Construction Equipment

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ASV Compact Construction Equipment


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Jim Reed’s Truck Sales is proud to sell the legendary ASV Track Loaders and Skid Steers. They’re back and even better than before.

Legendary ASV Compact Track Loaders are back – they’re better and stronger than ever before! And they are joined by a new line of ASV Skid Steer Loaders! ASV’s loaders are well-known for being some of the most productive and versatile compact construction machines available today.

Highly regarded for their power, performance and serviceability, ASV loaders are designed and engineered to work in more places and in more conditions, so that every day is as productive as can be.

Each ASV machine gives you:

• World-class operator stations
• Industry leading ground clearance
• Industry leading serviceability for the highest productivity
• Unparalleled performance in any condition

• Best in class traction performance and speed

All ASV loaders have options for a full line of performance-matched attachments, so you can tackle a wide array of jobs, whether your line of work is construction, agriculture, land management, forestry or landscaping.

ASV Legendary Posi-Track Loaders

ASV RT-30 Track Loader Overview

World’s Most Compact. For landscaping and working in tight areas, look no further than the Posi-Track RT-30. ASV’s smallest compact track loader doesn’t sacrifice strength or versatility, and the operator station is safe and comfortable, which means you get the job done faster and without distraction. A wide selection of performance-matched work tools gives you the right tool when you need it, keeping you focused on the task at hand.

  • Operating Capacity (35% Tip Load): 665 lbs / 302 kg
  • Engine Power (gross): 32.7 hp / 25.1 kW
Download RT-30 Spec Sheet

ASV RT-40 Track Loader Overview

Power in a Small Package: ASV’s new RT-40 Posi-Track loader brings a new meaning to performance and power in a compact machine. As a sit-on machine with a compact width, the machine is ideal for landscaping, snow removal, or your next rental, and it packs incredible lift capacity and speed. Along with the machine’s reliability, serviceability, and comfort, you’ll feel the difference sitting in the RT-40.

  • Operating Capacity (50% Tip Load): 1,330 lbs / 603 kg
  • Engine Power (gross): 37.5 hp / 27.9 kW
Download RT-30 Spec Sheet

ASV RT-50 Track Loader Overview

Economical and Versatile. When you need a loader that can perform economically over a wide range of jobs and ground conditions, the RT-50 has what you’re looking for. Easy to operate, with excellent balance and versatility, this machine can dig, load and carry more thanks to its optimal tipping load and low-effort operation. The diesel engine gives you power you can depend on, and a choice of tracks – standard 15-inch wide tracks, smooth Turf Tracks, or 16.5 inch wide Extreme Terrain Tracks – ensure that you won’t be stopped by adverse terrain.

  • Operating Capacity (35% Tip Load): 1,600 lbs / 725 kg
  • Engine Power (gross): 50 hp / 37.3 kW
Download RT-50 Spec Sheet

ASV RT-60 Track Loader Overview

Exceptional Balance and Versatility. ASV’s mid-sized RT-60 is the ideal loader when you need power and performance in any type of job or ground condition. With excellent balance and versatility, this machine can dig, load and carry more thanks to its optimal tipping load and low-effort operation. And the RT-60’s turbocharged diesel engine gives you power you can depend on when the going gets tough.

  • Operating Capacity (35% Tip Load): 1,900 lbs / 861 kg
  • Engine Power (gross) : 60 hp / 44.7 kW
Download RT-60 Spec Sheet

ASV VT-70 Track Loader Overview

Vertical Lift Loader Linkage. The ASV VT-70 is a loader with special vertical lift loader linkage, and is your best option for application’s requiring a load to be kept level, or requiring extended lift or reach over a radial lift loader.

  • Operating Capacity (35% Tip Load): 2,328 lbs / 1056 kg
  • Engine Power (gross): 65 hp / 48.6 kW/li>
Download VT-70 Spec Sheet

ASV RT-75/RT-75 Heavy Duty Track Loader Overview

The RT-75 combines excellent power and traction with the ability to tread softly over fragile surfaces. Its 18 in (475 mm) wide rubber tracks transmit low ground pressure, making it ideal for working on delicate turf or soft, wet underfoot. The undercarriages are supported by flexible torsion axles, giving the operator a smooth ride over rough, uneven terrain.

Download RT-75 Spec Sheet

The RT-75 Heavy Duty has all the standard features of the RT-75 plus:

  • Hydraulic bucket positioning
  • AM/FM/MP3 audio system
  • Hydraulic ride control
  • Rear-view camera and display
  • All weather cab and Lexan door
  • Auto-reversing cooling fan
  • Special guarding package
Download RT-75HD Spec Sheet

ASV ASV RT-120 / RT-120 Forestry Overview

Power Meets Performance. The largest of all Posi-Track loaders and the most powerful compact loader available, the ASV RT-120 is suited for the biggest and most challenging jobs. When superior traction and breakout force are essential, the RT-120’s top-of-the-line load-sensing hydraulics deliver. Cutting-edge undercarriage technology delivers maximum traction in harsh conditions and supports track life longevity.

  • RT-120: 3,535 lbs / 1603 kg
  • RT-120F: 3,745 lbs / 1699 kg
  • Operating Capacity (35% Tip Load)
  • Engine Power (gross): 120 hp / 89.5 kW

ASV Skid Steer Loaders

In addition to track loaders, ASV now offers a full line of skid steer loaders. Skid steers are available in two sizes, both of which can feature a radial lift loader linkage (RS) or a vertical lift loader linkage (VS). What sets ASV skid steers apart from other brands is more ground clearance, and a larger departure angle at the rear bumper for easier climbing in all types of ground conditions. When ground conditions permit the use of a compact wheeled machine, ASV Skid Steers are the best tool for the job.

Like ASV Track Loaders, ASV Skid Steers offer ergonomic operator stations that come with multiple options for doors, windows, complete cab enclosures and climate controls. Easy-to-use joystick controls and superior visibility make operating ASV Skid Steers simple and efficient even in confined areas.

While they are new to the ASV brand, these skid steer loaders have been in operation for many years, and their reliability has been thoroughly proven in the field. With both the skid steer and track loaders you can count on maximum productivity in a wide range of ground conditions – the hallmark of the ASV brand.


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