Will There Be A Mitsubishi Fuso 4X4 Gas Truck?!?

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Gas Engines in Commercial Trucks are Here to Stay!

The largest growing trend among class 3 – 5 medium duty trucks is undoubtedly the movement toward gas powered engines. With their increased power, reliability, and accessibility to fueling stations, it’s a no-brainer for many landscapers, movers, and construction companies to switch over to gas power. Over the past decade, diesel powered engines have become more complicated due to emissions regulations. This can lead to an increase in costly repairs and down time, which no business owner has the time or patience for.

Will Mitsubishi Make 4×4 Fuso Gas Trucks?

Mitsubishi has been making big waves with the launch of their gas powered FE 160, and competitors such as Isuzu have been following suit. Being that we live in an area with four seasons, many of our customers have been asking about a 4X4 version of the popular gas powered models. The executives of Daimler Trucks, the makers of Mitsubishi Fuso, have not issued any public statements about their intentions to launch a 4X4 FE 160 or FE 180.

Third Party Vendors are Making 4X4 Fuso Gas Trucks!

However, third party vendors are starting to take advantage of the advancements in the power, efficiency, and reliability of the Fuso Gas powered line up. Earth Cruiser, makers of adventure vehicles and RVs, recently announced that in Q4 of 2019 they will start making deliveries of their own modified 4X4 version of the FE 160. Their RVs look incredibly rugged, and it’s hard not to want one after scrolling around their website!

Diesel Regulations are Rapidly Changing the Industry!

According to their recent blog: “One of the drivers behind this change is that many countries have begun the process of increasing emission regulations on diesel engines in favor of high efficiency gasoline and electric power plants. In addition, Fuso engine manufacturers have made it clear that because of these inherent changes, they will not invest in new diesel engine technology past 2020. So, as these regulations and policy changes continue, we are choosing to change as well. This allows us to do what is best for our owners and continue to create reliable vehicles free of limitations.”

What’s Next for Mitsubishi Fuso?

So, while there are no official plans to launch a cab over 4X4 gas powered Mitsubishi Fuso yet, we certainly hope that Daimler Trucks are taking notice of what some of the third party vendors are doing and have some plans of their own up their sleeves! We’ll certainly keep you informed as we learn more about the plans for gas powered trucks.

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